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Apr, 2021

Decorating Fields for Opening Day

Opening Day will be here soon! Given the COVID-19 safety protocols, we’re approaching Little League Opening Day differently this season. We need you to help us make our Little League Opening Day feel special! 

On opening day we will decorate each field with handmade signs, put up flags, team paraphernalia, and make it feel festive. 

To do this we need volunteers from each team to plan and make it happen. We’ll decorate all of our game fields at Vallecito, Mark Day, Mary E. Silviera, and Gallinas Fields. Click on link to view Opening Day schedules and Sign Up to help:

Sign up here to help

Finding sponsors to fund decorations would be a great plan.  This could be a good opportunity for sponsors to also add their advertising signs with the decorations if they’d like. Or maybe you’d like to sponsor this? Alternatively, each family can pitch in ~$5. 

Our season is about to start so we need to move quickly. Get involved now! It’s a great way to take care of your volunteer duties for the year too.

Please remember our COVID safety protocol.

Happy Opening Day!

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