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May, 2021

We will have All-Stars this year!

We have great news from Little League International, we will have All-Stars this year!!! 

The Little League All-Star tournament is a competitive post-season competition where All-Star teams from each league compete for a District Championship.  If a team wins their District Tournament then the journey continues to the State Tournament.  

GVLL will be participating in the All-Star tournament at the end of the regular season. Our league will be entering 5 teams of 8-14 year olds from the upper divisions into the event consisting of 1 team from each of the following brackets: 8-9’s, 9-10’s, 11’s, 11-12s, and 13-14 year olds. Evaluations for the 8-9’s, 9-10’s, and 11’s All-Star teams will be held in the next coming weeks. 

Candidates are nominated by the Majors and Minors Managers and Coaches. The 11-12’s All-Stars are voted upon by peer vote of players and Majors Managers and coaches. Juniors teams are nominated by Managers and Coaches.Games will take place between 6/16-24 for the 8-9’s and 6/26-7/11 for the remaining 4 age group brackets. If a team(s) wins the District 3 Championship, they will advance to the next level and continue playing games until July 15-21, 2021.

The All-Star event is an amazing experience for the families involved and exciting for the GVLL community to cheer our teams along!

Stay connected to follow the progress of our All-Stars on the GVLL facebook page

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