Major League - League ages 10 to 12.  

January tryouts are required for all players each January. Players in this age group WITHOUT MINOR LEAGUE EXPERIENCE are recommended to play at least one year in the Minors before moving up to the Majors. Not all players who try out will be drafted to the Majors.  The Majors division includes a strong emphasis on continuing to improve throwing, catching and batting skills. Local minimum playing time rules are in effect as well as all other rules as determined by the Little League Official Rulebook. The season opens mid-March and goes to the middle of June. It includes 2 practices and 2 games each week. Playoffs and County Tournament of Champions play can extend the season until the end of June. Excellent players, ages 10, 11 and 12, are may be (s)elected to play in the ALL STARS tournament which may last until the end of July.

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