League ages 6-7

AA, or "Coach Pitch,"  is a non-competitive level of play with an emphasis on having fun and building skills.  Teams don’t keep score and standings aren’t kept. Children at this level will be learning basic baseball skills and how to make plays. The children continue to improve their throwing, catching and batting. Coaches pitch to the players.  Players are given the opportunity to play all of the different positions. This is the first level where "outs" count and an inning ends when a team bats through the order (common) or 3 outs are made (less common).

Teams are set up with Parent Coach volunteers. We try to place kids with schoolmates and/or friends if possible. The Coaches will create a practice schedule of approximately two weekly practices (about 1 hr. each) that begin in late February.   One game (75 minutes) per week is played every Saturday (except during school breaks). Practices start at the end of February/beginning of March and the last game is on June 4th. A second weeknight game may be added to a schedule later in the season. Lots of fun for all!! Everyone participates in the Opening Day Parade to kick off the season.

Children who are league age 5 may be permitted to play AA if they have played at least one year of T-Ball.

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