Minor League - League ages 8 to 11.

The 1st level for which the players must attend a skills evaluation session- held in January, mandatory for players 9 and up. (8 yr. olds have the option to try out for Minors if they have previous AAA experience). Players are then drafted to a team for the season. Although most players who try out will be drafted to the Minors, those whose basic skills need more development will be placed in AAA.

Minor League is the first level that uses a hard ball and player-pitchers. Strategic skills are taught, including stealing, and force plays. Other local modified baseball rules include full-roster batting order, free substitution and minimum play requirements. Scores and standings are kept throughout the game season, beginning with practices in late February and games from mid-March to the middle of June.  There are 2-3 practices per week in pre-season (mid-Feb to mid-March) then 2 games per week during the regular season (one weekday, one on Saturday) The Minor league playoff winning team goes to the District 3 (County) Tournament of Champions which can extend the season until the 3rd weekend of June.  Excellent players, ages 9 & 10, and 11 may be selected for the ALL STARS tournament, which may last until the end of July. (Subject to GVLL player availability policies – see last paragraph on registration forms).

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