Gallinas Valley Little League Tee-Ball in Marin!

Beginner Level - League ages 4,5,6

The game:
Tee Ball in Gallinas Valley Little League is a fun-filled, non-competitive program that serves San Rafael in the 94903 area code. Entry level play, focusing on fundamentals and basic rules of baseball. A soft baseball is used, batting off a tee, all players bat and play in the field, no strikes, no outs, no score...just plenty of FUN!!  At this level, skill doesn't necessarily correlate with who has the most fun. So whether you're harboring a future athlete, or not, this is a great way to meet other kids and families in the area.

Timing: Teams are formed in early February and practices begin at the end of February/beginning of March. Games begin mid to late March and end will end in early June. No games are played during spring break (local public school schedule) or Memorial Day weekend. The commitment is 2x per week - either two practices or 1 practice and 1 game per week.  Since we rely on parent volunteers to coach our teams (could be you!), specific practice schedules are set by each team. Intro to Tee Ball for 4 year olds only, (league age) is 1x per week for 1 hour.

We do our best to place kids with schoolmates and/or friends if possible. Families find that this can be a great way for kids to meet some new friends, especially valuable for kids as they move from their old pre-school friends to the big Kindergarten. There is an opportunity in the registration form to make a request to be on the same team as a friend. We do our best to accommodate these requests whenever possible. Sign up early so we can make these considerations before teams are formed.

Your child
This is a co-ed league that is stronger with both boys and girls participating. Check the league age of your child here. They must be at least 4 (league age) by August 31st. Kids who are league age 4 are eligible to play in our Intro to Tee Ball division, designed for our littlest kids. Our standard Tee-Ball division includes ages 4-6.

Our community
Our league, and specifically the lower divisions, is a reflection of our community. It's run by us parents and we get out of it what we put into it. We try to foster a fun, friendly, and open environment for our kids and families. It's a great place to meet other kids and families during events. Gallinas Valley Little League provides a Tee-Ball experience for boys and girls baseball in Marin for the 94903 zip code in San Rafael. 

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