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Aug, 2023

Register Today For Fall Ball!

Registration for Fall Ball is NOW OPEN! Register here or visit the "Register to Play" section of our website. 

Register soon so that we can begin forming teams. 

Fall Ball is an off-season training and development program intended to be an opportunity for kids to take their game to the next level and prepare for the competitive spring leagues. Score is not kept during games, the emphasis is on skill building. We encourage the coaches to be on the field with the players - batter, fielder or pitcher -and help with technique 'on the fly'!

We recognize that kids may have soccer or other commitments and so we are limiting play to Sundays. The program will run from 9/10 to 10/29. Scrimmages will last about 2.5 hours anytime between 10:30am - 3pm.

Fall ball teams do not hold practice, mainly due to the fact that the fields are in short supply during soccer and football season and we don’t want to see the kids overcommitted. However some coaches may be able to squeeze in a practice here and there, or a session in the batting cage which will be encouraged.

The following levels will be provided. You should choose the level which is closest to what you believe your player would want to try and play next Spring.

  • AA Coach Pitch: Intro or further practice hitting a pitched ball (coach pitched) and other baseball skills. Prior experience, T-Ball.
  • AAA Machine Pitch: Players with AA experience looking to move up to AAA or those wanting to continue to play AAA
  • Entering Minors: Players with AAA experience but have not played kid-pitch
  • Returning Minors: Players who have at least 1 year of Minors experience
  • Entering Majors: Players at least 1 yr Minors experience
  • Returning Majors: Players with Majors experience (should be 10,11,12 yrs old in 2023)

We will form one or more teams at each level. Minor and Majors will play in interleague scrimmages with similar teams from several other nearby local leagues. This will be a 1st come 1st served process and the number of teams at each level will be a result of how many kids and more importantly, volunteer coaches we get signed up.

All the Minor and Majors teams play approximately 1/2 their "games" at home and 1/2 are at a nearby away field so it’s a kind of 'travel ball' experience for the kids that is fun!

AA Coach Pitch and AAA Machine pitch are clinic/practice style sessions.

Little League players (and coaches) who are transitioning from one level of play to another next Spring will find this a fun and helpful preparation, and the entire program is meant to help players and coaches adjust to their next prospective level of play.

The fee for Fall Ball is $150 per player. This fee includes a t-shirt and baseball cap.

We need coaches now and into the Spring season. Fall ball is a great opportunity for prospective coaches to get their feet wet and learn along with the players! It’s a low commitment and a great way to gain coaching experience. We hope that some of you will sign up to help coach a team.

We are looking forward to a great fall season. If you have any questions email us at [email protected]


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