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Apr, 2022

GVLL Spotlight

I’m excited to introduce the Gallinas Valley Little League Spotlight program. Our goal is to celebrate our players, coaches and volunteers and inspire our community as we honor our members and share their diverse experiences in sports, leadership and community service. Through GVLL Spotlight we want to bring awareness and familiarity to our league members as we continue to build our GVLL community.

We encourage you to participate by filling out the Spotlight form for Player, Coach and/or Volunteer. 

Once a member is chosen for the GVLL Spotlight program, they will be featured on our GVLL facebook, instagram and website. They may also get the opportunity to do an interview about their background and experiences in the league. 

If you’d like to be featured please fill out the respective form below and email 3 pictures to Melody Fischer [email protected].  

Player Spotlight form

Coach Spotlight form

Volunteer Spotlight form

Questions? Contact Melody Fischer at [email protected]

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