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Mar, 2024

Umpire Field Mechanics Training SAT MAR 9 2024 Vallecito 1 10 AM

All Adults, Junior Level Players, High School Student and other Umpire Candidates who attended Rules Training, but missed field Training are invited for field and rules training for Intermediate and Juniors level games, as well as Make-up Field Training for Minors and Majors Training. We will go over positioning and game responsibilities for the 50/70 diamonds and the 90 foot diamonds, balk rules, lead-offs and stealing and rule differences between the lower level games and upper level games. For those doing make-up training we will discuss differences with the 60 foot diamond. 

Those doing make-up training for the lower levels and new umpires should stay an extra 30-45 minutes so we can discuss and practice plate positioning and safety.

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