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Mar, 2024

Team Parent Information

Thank you to all of the parents that showed up last night for our Team Parent meeting. It was great to see so many familiar and new faces. I'm super excited about this season and I hope you are too.

We shared a lot of important information for the Spring season. Topics included Opening Day/Parade, Little League Day, Snack Bar Logistics and Sponsorships/Fundraising. Here is the presentation that was shared during the meeting.

Your team parents will be reaching out to you soon to ask for your help with a variety of activities. Please support them as they can't do everything on their own. We need everyone to chip in where they can so that our league can run smoothly. 

For teams that do not yet have an identified team parent please review the information and assign a team parent ASAP to ensure your team is receiving all of the latest updates. 

If you have questions about team parents please contact Melody Fischer at

Thank you! We're looking forward to a fun season. 

-Melody Fischer

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