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Mar, 2021

New Gear Requirements for 2021

Current Covid-19 safety guidelines indicate that players may not share equipment. The biggest impact for families will be that each player will need their own helmet and bat this year.

Bats must be USABat certified which means that they need to have the USABaseball or USABat sticker. This indicates that the bat adheres to the rebound/power limitations that roughly mirror that of the best performing wood bats. Little League implemented this as a safety measure and a bat that does not meet these certification requirements may not be used.

Note that this is different from USSSA and other very similar sounding bat certifications. Once you buy and unwrap a bat, they often cannot be returned, so make sure to check before you make an expensive mistake.

Helmets must be "affixed with the NOCASE symbol". This is very common, there are also condition requirements that must be met.

"The batting helmets must be affixed with the NOCASE symbol, be free of cracks or other visible damage, and all of the internal padding must not be missing, tattered, torn or frayed. No stickers are permitted on the helmets, unless there is a letter of certification from the helmet manufacturer affirming the stickers are permitted to be affixed to the helmet."

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