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Nov, 2023

2024 Board of Directors

Please join me in welcoming our 2024 Gallinas Valley Little League Board of Directors. Thank you in advance to our board for ensuring our league runs smoothly while also creating a fun and inclusive environment for our players to build their baseball skills.

It's not too late to get involved in helping our league. We are constantly looking for volunteers from team parents to helping with some of our key events throughout season. 

We especially need volunteer for the following activities:

Baseball Fun Day: This has been a great way for the League to reach out to new families and spotlight our available programs from Intro to Tee Ball to AAA. In previous years, we’ve held fun games and drills for the players. Lot's of first ever baseball mitts are bought after this! We have several potential weekends in January where we can use Miller Creek. The planning template is well established from past years, we especially need someone to lead the clinic on the day of the event.

Annual Parade: Outside of the games, this is our biggest event of the year. Your project management stills are needed to help this run smoothly!

Lower Division Equipment & Uniforms: Help organize the equipment for Intro to Tee Ball to AAA so our kids and coaches can be ready to roll. You also get to set the direction for the league when it comes to uniforms. If you are limited on weeknight availability or plan to coach, this is a good role since it takes a few weekends at the beginning and end of the season.

Upper Division Uniforms: Like the lower division, help manage the uniforms for our upper division (Minors through Juniors) and all star jerseys. Last year we made a significant investment in our uniforms and having a strong volunteer to manage these is needed. This is also a role that is perfect for a coach or someone with limited weeknight availability.

If you're interested in any of these roles, please reach John Baker at [email protected]

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